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Oscilloscopes from extreme value to extreme performance.

Whether you need the fastest real-time oscilloscope on earth with the highest measurement accuracy anywhere, or something a little more basic, Keysightoscilloscopes outperform in every category. We are working continually to bring you oscilloscopes with breakthrough capabilities that help you solve your toughest measurement challenges. That’s why discerning engineers have made Keysight the fastest growing oscilloscope company in the world since 1997. Like you, we’re working on what’s next.



Spectrum Analyzers (Signal Analyzers)

Choose from an extensive selection of real-time spectrum analyzer and signal analyzer products from DC to 50 GHz and extendable to 325 GHz and beyond with external mixers, for your spectrum analysis measurements. Accurately measure frequency, amplitude and modulation including distortion, spurious, phase noise, and 2G to 4G wireless communication signals. Combine your spectrum analyzer or signal analyzer with 89600 VSA software, flexible modulation analysis software or measurement applications and you can demodulate a broad range of standard-based and general-purpose digital signals and formats. The upgradable real-time spectrum analyzer capabilities ensure that you see, capture, and understand the most elusive signals - known or unknown.




Network Analyzers

From 5 Hz to 1.05 THz, choose from a growing selection of RF and Microwave network analyzers to measure S-parameters, insertion loss, gain, return loss, balanced parameters, differential measurements, compression, distortion, and noise figure.

Choose the right network analyzer for your application: Network Analyzer Selection Guide



Handheld Oscilloscopes, Analyzers, Meters

Keysight’s family of handheld and portable test tools is constantly growing. From digital multimeters (DMMs) and basic capacitance meters, to oscilloscopes, spectrum/signal and network analyzers, our handheld and portable test tools will address the test and measurement capabilities you need to complete your tasks – on the bench or in the field. Whatever your industry and application – electronics, electrical, installation and maintenance, wireless communications, aerospace and defense, or industrial process testing – we have a wide range of test tools for you.


Power Meter & Power Sensor

Keysight power meters operate with sensors of various types (CW, average and peak and average), covering numerous frequency and power ranges to accurately measure the power of RF and microwave signals. Applications include testing the output power of communication base-station transmitters, cellular telephones, radar system equipment, and much more.

Learn more on how to select the right power meter and power sensors: “The Power Meter and Sensors Selection Guide”



DC Power Analyzer

Gain insights in minutes -- with no programming required -- for DC bias testing in R&D

The N6705B DC Power Analyzer provides unrivaled productivity gains when sourcing and measuring DC voltage and current into a DUT. The KeysightN6705B DC Power Analyzer is a highly integrated instrument that combines up to four advanced DC power supplies, DMM, oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator and datalogger. It provides an easy-to-use interface, with all sourcing and measuring functions available from the front panel. The N6705B makes these tasks easy:

  • Setup and view critical turn-on/turn-off sequences
  • Measure and display voltage, current versus time to visualize power into the DUT
  • Control DC bias supply ramp-up / down rates
  • Generate DC bias supply transients and disturbances
  • Log data for seconds, minutes, hours, or even days to see current consumption or capture anomalies
  • Save data and screen shots to internal storage or external USB memory devices
  • Save and name your setup and tests for easy re-use
  • Share setups with colleagues



Bit Error Ratio Test (BERT) Solutions

Keysight offers the broadest choice of BERTs - covering affordable manufacturing test and high-performance characterization and compliance testing up to 32 Gb/s

Keysight's Bit Error Ratio Test solutions allow the most accurate and efficient design verification, characterization, compliance and manufacturing test of high-speed communication ports for today's ASICs, components, modules and line-cards in the semiconductor, computer, storage and communication industry.
Keysightoffers the broadest portfolio with four BERT families that address a variety of speed classes, usability concepts, and flexibility as well as application specific stimulus and analysis tools. All BERTs provide cost-effective and efficient in-depth insight into critical measurement tasks for today's and next generation devices with gigabit interfaces.
BERTs are used to test and characterize many high-speed digital interfaces:
QPI, FB-DIMM, Hypertransport, PCI Express®, SATA,/SAS USB, Thunderbolt, DisplayPort, HDMI, MHL, MIPI, UHS-II, Fibre Channel, XAUI/10Gb Ethernet, CAUI/100GbE, CEI and other backplanes, XFI/XFP/SFP+/CFP modules, OTN, and PON-OLTs, Serdes, DAC, ADC, etc.


Digital Multimeter (DMM)

  • Keysight is #1 in Benchtop and System multimeters. Why? Because we offer exceptional performance and reliability at a great pri.4 to 8½ digits
  • Benchtop, System, Modular and Handheld
  • Up to 100,000 readings/sec
  • See Keysight's next generation Truevolt DMMs 6½ digit DMMs - view interactive demo



Signal Generator (Signal Source)

Signal generator and signal source benchmark for baseband, RF and microwave

Keysight offers the widest selection of baseband, RF, and microwave signal generator (signal source) products from baseband to 67 GHz, with frequency extensions to 500 GHz with millimeter-wave source modules. Signal generator offerings range from basic to advanced functionality; each delivers benchmark performance in its class to address your signal source requirements in design and manufacturing.

Signal creation software

Keysight provides a comprehensive collection of application-specific signal generator software. Used with our vector signal generators, Signal Studio, embedded, or MATLAB software will cut the time you spend on signal simulation.



DC Power Supply

Power to Advance your Test

Our broad selection of both bench-friendly and system-ready instruments can meet your testing challenges - from basic to complex - with a wealth of available capabilities.

  • Test confidently with clean, precise DC power that's fully specified and guaranteed
  • Safeguard loads from potential harm with robust output protection and fault detection capabilities
  • Enhance system flexibility with built-in, DMM-quality measurement functions

Now Even More Power! Over 50 new models from 1 to 15 kW

Compare and select the best power supply for your application: View all power supplies



AC Power Sources / Power Analyzers

Use an Keysight ac power source / power analyzer for your applications that require precise, accurate measurements and efficient analysis of ac power. These "one-box" solutions have generation, measurement and ac power analysis capabilities. Agilent's ac power sources are ideal for power-supply testing, AC-mains CE-mark testing, UPS testing and much more. Choose from a 375 VA (6811B), 750 VA (6812B) or a 1750 VA (6813B) ac power source with built in ac power analyzer.



Data Generators & Analyzers

Whether you require powerful pulses for the latest generation of laser diodes, need to characterize a high-speed serial bus device at the physical layer or need to get a detailed insight into your systems’ signal integrity.

KeysightTechnologies offers a comprehensive portfolio containing

  • 1 – 2 channel Pulse Pattern Generator up to 3.35 GHz
  • Parallel BERT and Data Generator up to 28 GB/s



Keysight VEE

Keysight VEE (Visual Engineering Environment) is a powerful graphical programming environment for automated test, measurement and advanced analysis. KeysightVEE consists of a family of products that are catered for your needs.




N8900A Infiniti View Oscilloscope Analysis Software


  • Use your PC to view and analyze to get additional insight, without having to be with your scope and target system.
  • Share scope measurements more easily across your team, and if needed with customers and vendors.
  • Create more useful documentation, faster.
  • Supports a variety of popular file formats from Keysight Infiniium and InfiniiVision oscilloscopes as well as generic .csv, .txt, and .tsv files.



N1930B Physical Layer Test System (PLTS) 2013 Software

Key Features & Specifications

  • Test suites for HDMI, SATA, USB3.0, DisplayPort, etc.
  • Multi-channel enhanced eye diagram for analyzing eye density using color grade display
  • Advanced receiver equalizations using CTLE, FFE, DFE to improve channel performance
  • Asymmetric Automatic Fixture Removal (AFR) for non-50 ohm fixtures
  • TRL Wizard enhancement to verify cal kit symmetry utilizing reverse measurements
  • More accurate skew measurements for higher data rates
  • ENA calibration & measurement wizard enhancements for economical solutions
  • GUI enhancements including new marker math, user span, plot panning, smart spin scaling, equation editor and gating viewer



Calibration & Adjustment Software

(N1918A Power Analysis Manager (licensed) and Power Panel Software (free)

Key Features & Specifications

  • There are two versions of the N1918A software; Power Panel (Free) and Power Analyzer (License based)
  • Multiple display formats on large PC display
  • Min, Max, math, limits and alerts
  • Data recording up to 500 days (with the licensed version)
  • Complete 15-point pulse characterization (for peak power analysis)
  • Overlay trace graph and waveform math (for peak power analysis)
  • PDF, CDF and CCDF statistical measurements (for peak power analysis)
  • Support P-series power meters (N1911A/12A), EPM power meters (N1913A/14A) U2000 Series USB average power sensors, and U2020 X-series peak and average power sensors.



Wireless Test Managers

Keysight's Wireless Test Manager software makes it quick and easy to automate and optimize wireless device calibration and test. The Wireless Test Manager supports the popular wireless technologies, runs on a Windows PC, and supports Keysighttest system hardware. Features include ready-to-use tests, test plans, test sequencing, Visual Basic 6 or Visual Basic .NET test development (using customer-supplied Visual Basic 6 or Visual Basic .NET software) and custom application development utilities. (Test development platform is dependent on Wireless Test Manager product selection.)



Wireless Device Test Set & Wireless Solution

Keysigh tproducts provide mobile phone designers and manufacturers with increased measurement speeds, improved accuracy, and exceptional flexibility for testing mobile devices. Our one box test sets cover all the major technology formats - GSM/GPRS/EGPRS/E-EDGE, W-CDMA/HSPA/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA, cdma2000®/1xEV-DO/eHRPD, TD-SCDMA/TD-HSDPA/TD-HSUPA, IS-95, TIA/EIA-136, AMPS, Bluetooth®,Bluetooth Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), Bluetooth low energy, ZigBee™, Wireless LAN (WLAN), 802.11a/b/g, 802.11n MIMO, WiMAX™ and LTE (FDD and TDD).

Extend Keysightwireless test set capabilities with software products designed to streamline wireless measurements and automate testing for time consuming and complex measurement and analysis tasks. Software products are available for all wireless communications test set platforms - automating test for cellular mobile devices, WiMAX, LTE, and Bluetooth/WLAN devices.

Keysight systems integrate the instruments, cabling, and system hardware into a rack carefully designed to provide cooling, power, ergonomics, safety, and mechanical stability. Let Keysighthelp you ease the transition from design into high volume production quickly while reducing your cost of test, enabling you to reach profitability faster.




Instrument Calibration Services & Repair

Keysight Advantage Services

Keysight offers three different levels of service to optimize your budget and instrument uptime needs

Instrument calibration and repair: Single-source solutions

Simplify management of calibration and repair service for all your test and measurement instruments—regardless of manufacturer brand—with a custom solution from the industry’s largest OEM global service network.

Instrument calibration and repair: Service plans

Standard service center agreements provide fast turn-around at a fixed budget and protect your equipment through its lifecycle.

Instrument calibration and repair: Single-event service

Single repair or calibration events and auxiliary support and tools to assist self maintained instruments




USB Products

Easily arrange and rearrange your test systems.

Keysight´s compact USB modular products are a series of modules that are flexible to be used standalone or plugged into a compatible chassis to make synchronized measurements as a modular unit. Essential measurements can be made with a laptop PC and these modules through USB high-speed 2.0 connections. Through individual windows, the Keysight Measurement Manager (AMM) software provides a friendly soft front-panel interface for each of the modular products. This helps to perform quick configuration and measurement acquisition as well as flexible analysis of measured data.

  • Portable compact modules
  • Simple USB setup
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Flexible expansion of channels
  • Multiple synchronized measurements